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let’s take a moment to appreciate a thing

in the character bible, when the boys are asked which kind of girl they like, Kagami says: “An elegant gir-… person”

Leaving the fact that he corrected himself on the word “girl” (女, onna) deciding on “person” (人, hito) instead, there’s another thing that made my head explode.

In Japan, people who often make use of the “desu/masu form” (i’m using my japanese teacher’s classifications, sorry for the strange names), the “polite form”, are considered not only very polite and gentle, but also elegant. The more polite you are, the more elegant you become.

We all know that Kuroko always speaks in the polite form (aside from the match against Yousen, the only moment when Kuroko talked like a “normal” teen), and sometimes he even slips something in keigo, the super-dupper-final-politest form. Which makes him, actually, a really elegant person.


In the same interview, Kuroko says that he likes “A gentle person” (and he’s more srtight forward about this, he goes right for the “person” thing).

During the Yousen match, Hyuuga clearly says that Kagami is “Too gentle" to go all power up against Himuro. And that’s not the only time when we can see Kagami’s kindness, so everyone can easily understand abut who is Kuroko talking about.

And here you have the final proof this manga ruined my life.

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